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“The penis is the overall barometer of a man’s health.”

Dr. Oz

In my 20+ years of working with men, I have found this be true not only for the physical side of health, but also mental, emotional and spiritual health. With my comprehensive and architectural approach, we’ll form the building blocks to improve every aspect of your being.

We will work together to address your physical health related issues and lifestyle choices in order to strengthen the body and create an optimal vehicle to receive pleasure and achieve peak sexual performance.

As we build a strong foundation, we’ll redesign your mental circuitry. Together, we’ll work on new techniques for gaining confidence and clean out old, limiting beliefs to change the way you see yourself.

Emotions become energy in motion, releasing blockages from the past and heightening your ability to feel pleasure while giving freely from the heart.

Once you’re aligned physically, mentally and emotionally, your spirit will shine from the inside-out, the embodiment of confidence, consciousness and power. It’s time to transform your body into a temple.

My Specialties:


Find your strength with absolutely no herbs or pharmaceuticals. Become firmer and have staying power, all while intensifying your orgasms. And with some simple lifestyle choices I will teach you, you will train your body to support that firmness as you evolve.


More than control over your own body’s responses, your orgasms will be more deep, expansive and intense. You will gain all the tools necessary to be confident, in control and connected during the sexual act. Perfect for everything from overcoming performance anxiety to rediscovering your youthful energy.


I will help you search yourself and find the three qualities key to attracting women or becoming more attractive to your current partner. You will learn how to create sexual attraction when it seems stagnant. You’ll perfect the techniques to get a woman in the mood, and learn to please a woman while possessing a strong sexual presence.


Overcome porn desensitization. Defend against ED, prostate cancer and even heart problems. With simple lifestyle changes we’ll enhance your performance while giving your orgasms power.


Reevaluate, revitalize and recreate your ability to experience pleasure while preventing further health problems. With my emotional, spiritual and physical support after your procedure, you will learn techniques to get hard without a prescription, or have powerful full body internal orgasms if getting hard is not possible.


Learn the benefits and tools to use sexual celibacy for spiritual and creative goals by releasing the sexual urge struggle. I will guide you in this time and help you empower yourself.

All packages are customized specifically for your needs and desired results.

Sessions are professional and confidential.

Your significant other can look forward to the results and benefits of our sessions, and rest assured that our time together remains strictly professional with a no-touch policy.

If you are single, our sessions together can help bring the confidence you need to approach a woman, increase your sexual presence to get out of that friendzone, and help you find all the tools within yourself that are necessary to keep a long, healthy relationship.

Phone Coaching:

• 4 one-hour one-on-one coaching calls with me.
Together we will build a simple, actionable plan that virtually guarantees your success.

• A recording of each coaching call.
This can be downloaded onto your computer, iPod or burned onto a CD. This essentially creates your own personalized audio program for you to listen to anytime, anywhere.

• Powerful (and pleasurable) homework assignments.
After each of our calls I will give you homework, and you’ll report back to me. Staying accountable and keeping your momentum are the biggest keys to transformation.

• Unlimited email access during your program.
For 60 days I will be fully available to you via email to answer any questions or provide advice as we continue your journey.

• Personalization
Everything we build together is customized and tailored to fit you and your desired results.

The full program investment with everything listed is only $2,495.

Don’t wait for pain to experience peak pleasure.

Send me a message below or call [NEED PHONE NUMBER] for a consultation.

Private Intensives

• In-person coaching
A half day of highly personalized private one-on-one time.

• Location
Together we will shut out the world and meet at a luxury hotel, where you are served a gourmet meal and all of my focus is on you. You will literally walk out a different man. Note: I am currently doing Intensives in the Los Angeles area.
If you’d like to request an Intensive near you please message me.

• Session recordings
We’ll record the audio of our sessions so you can walk away with your own Personal Sexual Mastery Course to use for the rest of your life.

• Follow-up
As a bonus you’ll receive a 2 weeks of follow-up and integration, including 1 one-hour one-on-one coaching call to help you incorporate the transformational adventure we started in our time together.

• Personalization
Everything we build together is customized and tailored to fit you and your desired results.

The investment of your own customized one-on-one Intensive is $4.000 This includes one half day private in-person intensive session, plus one customized one-on-one call, 14 days of unlimited emailing, and the personalized audio recording.

I have a “no physical touch” policy for my in-person intensives.

The path to your pleasure starts here

Please send me a message below or call [NEED PHONE NUMBER] for a consultation.



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